The beginning of it all…

Or, at least the beginning of this blog. For those of you who will follow me, this blog is being kept as a social environment for me to explore all of the many topics and subjects available out there–just for fun! Yep, just for fun. I’m not looking to make money with this blog. I’m interested in just having a good time learning, sharing, and being social.

If you need a place to relax, come on in. Kick back and post away. If you are interested in contributing (you know, you want to write an article here and there but don’t want to commit for a whole blog for yourself), then let’s talk. I’ll be happy to discuss the possibility with you. Great things happen when collaboration is involved.

So until my first “official” post, hope you’re having a great time out there and learning along the way!!


About Margie - Blog Owner

Full-time Homemaker, Cakebaker, and Phototaker. I love my life! Blessed with the birth of a son, my only child, at 40 years old, my life took a MAJOR change. In exchange for the life I had chosen for myself, God gave me a love and instant ability for baking and confections. How can I argue with that?

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  1. YAY! Glad to have ya aboard my dear!

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