Old Wives’ Tales: Do you believe them?

Tonight was an interesting night at our small group Bible study. After Bible study, the ladies in the group wanted to take guesses at what the gender of my baby is (we’re supposed to find out March 2 for sure).

Initially, some ladies were saying, “it’s a boy.” All of the guys said it is a boy, but maybe that’s just a “guy thing” (although one claims to have never been wrong in like 6 years).

But next comes the strange part–a needle. Yes, a metal needle on a string. Hesitantly, I submitted to these ladies’ “scientific” testing ;). It’s a girl one would shout, then, NO IT’S A BOY. More than not the needle indicated by circling round and round that the baby is a girl. They did a control test with a non-pregnant person to confirm that the needle remained still.

So what do I know now? That it could be a boy or a girl. 🙂 I guess we will find out on Friday which team wins.

So what are your thoughts? Do you believe the wives’ tales?


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Full-time Homemaker, Cakebaker, and Phototaker. I love my life! Blessed with the birth of a son, my only child, at 40 years old, my life took a MAJOR change. In exchange for the life I had chosen for myself, God gave me a love and instant ability for baking and confections. How can I argue with that?

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  1. LOL… Hi Marjie, I do know one thing for sure…. no body knows unless told for sure by the Doctor… I know when I was born, way before they had ways to find out much about you, the Doctor told my Mom that I would be a girl ( for whatever reason )… well, when I was born, I was a boy – 100% BOY! LOL. The worst thing was, and I glad I was so young yet to know the difference, all my mother brought to the hospital were girls cloths…. lol. So to make a long story short, I had to go home dressed up like a girl…. not sure what the rest of the family thought? I know my Dad was very, very happy that he had a son…

    • Skipper, Bless your heart! I have been very careful even now with making assumptions. I know the baby is now able to hear my voice, and while he/she can’t hear exactly what I am saying, I don’t want to send any confusing vibes. 🙂 I want whichever the case is to be very strong and confident in him/herself. These ladies were really funny. I am more of a “science” type girl being the “nerd” that I am, so I was just letting them have a good time and got a good blog post out of it in the meantime. 😀 I will be sure to bring a neutral color to the hospital “just in case.” hehe. Thank you so much for responding and sharing your story. Thanks for visiting as well.

  2. Thanks Margie for leaving a nice comment on my site….. lol. Neutral is the safes way to go… good luck! BTW, I’m now following you. I want to see what happens when your baby is born… boy or girl… lol. Do you mind it I post you site on my site? I have a list of the better sites to visit…. and I think yours is one. Thanks, oh, and by the way, I am a senior…lol.

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