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Cookies for Dogs

How many of us have four legged family members? I know my chihuahua is a big part of my family. She is always there when I am sad or alone to offer comfort. I feel that they deserve yummy home made treats just as much as we do. So i decided to get in the kitchen today and make dog cookies and I must say I am proud of how they turned out. My sister-in-law was wanting to eat them they look and smell so good. And of course they were a hit with my baby girl. She is eating for four right now and is a picky eater when it comes to treats. She devoured three of them before I could even blink. I even got two orders (one quite large) within half an hour of posting the pic online. I am going to have a busy few days whipping up more. And I am going to try more recipes to see what happens.


Home Made Fondant

You will find out that I am a do it myself kinda girl. I love to get in the kitchen and make things myself instead of just going out and buying things pre-made. Although some pre-made things are pretty good they don’t always live up to something that is made by hand in your kitchen. Making from scratch may cost more in the long run but you cut out all the additives and/or preservatives that are added into the pre-made items to make them last longer sitting on a store shelf. Big companies also have the added benefit of being able to buy ingredients in bulk cheaper than what you or I can get just going to the local grocery store.
Today I decided to make some home made fondant for my cake decorating. Buying the fondant already made in a store is crazy expensive and although I have not tried it myself, I have heard that the taste leaves something to be desired. So me being me I decided to find a way to make my own. My first attempt is now sitting in the fridge ready to go on a cake. It is supposed to set overnight so I am still unsure of the taste as of right now. I am excited to see how it tastes and works on a cake. If it works out then it will be an amazing tool for my cake decorating. Not to mention the cost of making one batch (covers an 8 or 9 inch round cake) is about three dollars. To buy that amount of fondant in a store is about twelve dollars and up.

Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies

Trying new recipes is always a fun adventure. One of the most recent ones that I have been playing around with are my Red Velvet Cheesecake cookies. I love Red Velvet and Cheesecake so what could be better than the two of them combined? Now, I am not a big fan of cookies but I figured that you never know until you try and  boy was I right lol. How could you go wrong with a yummy Red Velvet cookie filled with a gooey Cheesecake filling drizzled with a cream cheese icing? Granted these cookies are not the simple easy mix stuff in a bowl and spoon them on a cookie sheet. It takes a bit more work and a little more time but the end result is totally worth it. I just have to remind myself to wear gloves cause it is very hands on and the red dye will have you walking around with red hands when you are done.

These cookies with their bright red and vibrant white colors are perfect for Christmas. They will also be perfect for Valentines day, maybe can find a way to make them heart shaped. They would also work for the fourth of July if you think about it. They are a well rounded cookie in the long run.

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