What the sHell?!!

There is a moment in every baker or cooks mind when things are cruising along as perfect as could be. It feels like you’re “in the zone” as your stand mixer is busy creaming a whole pound of creamy butter and three cups of sugar, and then CRACK, plop…What was that? Well, it could perhaps be part of the egg you just cracked to mix into the nice sugar, buttery mixture, but how, I have both parts of the egg shell in my hand??? What the (beep)?

Yes, it was in that moment I could hear my mother in the fogginess of my head saying, “you egg shellsshould always crack your eggs open into a separate container first in case the shell breaks in with it.” Oh, sweet advice. Too bad it wasn’t in my mind before some fell in. So, I’m thinking…how much could have fell in? I have both pieces in my hand. I started checking it out, and within a couple of seconds, I was running water through that beautiful, white, creamy mixture–wasting it because of egg shells. This is what I found. How in the world could that much egg shell fall into a cake without you knowing it?

Well, I guess you know how I prepare my eggs now. Indeed…in a separate container to control for debacles like this. This was a good test of my trouble shooting skills because I had this order to be filled within a couple of hours of this problem. It worked out perfectly.I would rather not be that close ever again.



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Full-time Homemaker, Cakebaker, and Phototaker. I love my life! Blessed with the birth of a son, my only child, at 40 years old, my life took a MAJOR change. In exchange for the life I had chosen for myself, God gave me a love and instant ability for baking and confections. How can I argue with that?

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  1. All are great but number 7 made me smile the biggest!

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