A Few of my Favorite Things

Today, I was thinking about things I have purchased through the years that I can call one of my favorite things. Not many things make it on my list. I decided I would share with you a few of my favorite things (random things). Maybe you can share some of your favorite things with us?

Cuisinart Stand Mixer

Cuisinart Stand Mixer

1.  My top favorite thing is, without question, my Cuisinart Stand Mixer. I did a lot of research to be sure I got the right mixer, and it has been faithful to me throughout its use in my Cottage Kitchen. I love to keep it bright and shiny. I think that always shows a sign of ownership pride. I wish I felt like that about everything.



2. Bright and shiny, I realized it was one of my favorite pieces. I found it at TJ Max marked down because the inside of the lid was bent a little (I just used some pliers and bent it back–it doesn’t look perfect on the inside rim of the lid, but it seals perfectly). This is another item that I love to keep shiny. I love the handles on the side and the lid. It feels really substantial without feeling too heavy. I use it a lot to make spaghetti and meatballs in. It makes the list.

Goodwill Find

Goodwill Find

3. This is one of my favorite Goodwill finds. I don’t really go into Goodwill that frequently, but years ago, I was visiting someone and needed to kill some time, so I stopped in to look through a Goodwill in Jacksonville, FL. I didn’t go in really expecting to find anything–I was just killing time. I ran across two of these beautiful saucers. They are actually a little larger than saucers, but smaller than a dinner plate. The coloring and design on the plate made it a lifetime keeper for me. I think I paid like .20 for each one. There is something about it that makes me smile when I see it. It’s “pretty.” 🙂

Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs

4. Remember, I said RANDOM things. 🙂 I ran across this picture in my phone and had to post it as one of my favorite things. I LOVE farm fresh eggs. Look at that? Isn’t it gorgeous?? This egg came from one of the hens that my dad owns. I actually hated to actually cook it, so I had to take a picture of it in order to at least be able to look at it. I know–sounds crazy. I just really appreciate things like this. When I look at it, I just think about how awesome God is. I truly am able to find beauty everywhere.

So these were a few of my favorite things. I am sure you have some favorite things. You may even have pictures of them in your phone (like I did). Share them with us! I would love to see what things you value.


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Full-time Homemaker, Cakebaker, and Phototaker. I love my life! Blessed with the birth of a son, my only child, at 40 years old, my life took a MAJOR change. In exchange for the life I had chosen for myself, God gave me a love and instant ability for baking and confections. How can I argue with that?

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