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Pics from My Big Day

I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. After this “Big Day,” I was steady baking, which is a wonderful reason to not have time to blog (but I was thinking of you all).

So if you will recall, I had an order for 80 cupcakes. This order wasn’t for 80 of the same flavor, basic cupcakes. It was an order for four specialty cupcakes (times 20). It was quite a challenge, and I LOVED IT! Here are the results from that day. Everyone was thrilled!! (Click photos to enlarge)

Sam’s Carrot Cake is what I call an “heirloom” recipe I found on I want to share that recipe with everyone because it is BY FAR THE BEST carrot cake I have had. This recipe was used by the grandfather of the poster, and he was well known for always having it on hand. The poster wanted to share the grandfather’s legacy with others, so now I pass it on to you. It is exceptional without icing, but it is slap your mama down good with homemade cream cheese icing, fresh ground sugar and cinnamon on top! UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE!!!

Chocolate Heath Bar is a simple chocolate base with the ever time consuming, but worth it, Swiss Meringue Buttercream icing. Heath bar candy was baked in the base and also dusted on the top.

Lemon Curd filled Lemon is a nice lemon base with freshly made lemon curd (made with Meyer Lemons) and topped with a lightly, lemon flavored buttercream top.

Red Velvet is as it sounds. A wonderful from scratch recipe (as all my recipes are from scratch) that folds in beaten egg whites for a light and fluffy base to off set the heavier homemade cream cheese icing on top.

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