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Inspired by Many

I wanted to give tribute to those who inspired me to be passionate about baking.

Granny and Eli

Granny and Eli

First would be my son, Eli (pictured left) with another inspirational person, my paternal grandmother. Even though Eli was hot and fussy in this photo, I really love this photo of them together. I can say that just looking at the picture makes me want to bake some buttermilk biscuits from scratch–just like she taught me .

Some people have stories of working side by side with someone who helped them learn to bake, but unfortunately, I don’t have that history (I was never interested when I was younger). She taught me how to bake her awesome buttermilk biscuits by just talking me through it and using her words and hands to show me approximate measurements for the recipe. I have gotten really close to mastering her recipe. They are good, but I don’t think I have quite gotten to the same level of awesomeness as her biscuits. Although, it seems anything that granny makes is better, which could be a psychological thing.

As mentioned in my “About Me,” I never baked from scratch before my son was conceived. After learning that I was going to have a baby, SOMETHING JUST CLICKED. Some people call it “maternal instincts,” but I call it “Divine Intervention” because there are a lot of mothers who can’t bake from scratch. Now, My desire is to pass my passion along to Eli in some form–if only to ensure he knows his way around a kitchen so he will make a wonderful kitchen helper for his wife one day.

My Mom and I

My Mom and I

Another person who inspires me is my mother. While she doesn’t do a lot of baking, she has always been a wonderful cook. I have great memories of watching her cook, and again, while I didn’t stand by and do things step by step, I did help out a little in the kitchen from time to time. When I was old enough, there were certain things that I could cook. It wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I REALLY did any significant cooking though. Even then, significant is really in the eye of the beholder. It paled in comparison to how she cooks.

I have always called her and asked, “Mom, what goes in your ________ dish?” Just like granny did, she would tell me what I needed and talk me through how to make it. There’s even a post on my blog here about my great-grandmother’s awesome Thanksgiving dressing that you really should check out.

My cooking has MUCH improved. I’m sure there are things that I cook that are really good in my own right, but I can assure you that I wouldn’t be the cook I am today without her contributing so much to my knowledge.

Local Vintage cookbook 1951

Local Vintage cookbook 1951

Another resource of inspiration is cookbooks, but not just “any” cookbook, vintage cookbooks or heritage cookbooks. I am SO inspired by this one particular cookbook pictured to the left. It is a local cookbook published in 1951 by the women’s ministry of a local church. There are SO many really great looking recipes in it. What excites me so much about it is thinking of the ladies who submitted the recipes. Many of them well on up in years, or possibly passed on, they were big hospitality people back then. It wasn’t uncommon to have people over for a party every weekend, or every Sunday after church.

Other cookbooks like “heritage cookbooks,” which are those that publish recipes that are attributed to a specific group of people. For example, “Georgia Heritage.” I am interested in that cookbook because I live in Georgia; however, I am also totally sold on another cookbook that is solely for Southern Cakes (southern being anywhere in the south from like Louisiana to North Carolina and even some from further north or even other countries that migrated to the south).

Another cookbook I have enjoyed reading through is one for The Shakers because it includes the history behind the recipe. I TOTALLY love that. I never realized how much I enjoy history until I found my way into the food preparation field.

Google Images is another place that I find inspiration. Many times I fall asleep at night just scrolling through pictures of a specific item. Maybe I’ve had cakes on my mind. I search that cake and click “Images,” and I just look at all of the different cakes that have been posted over the years. I have read SO MANY blog posts on specific cakes that I may have liked more than others. I enjoy reading about the baker’s experience in making the cake.

I seldom EVER actually use the recipe as it is written, but if I do, I give credit to the blog that inspired me with their photo. For example, I have blogged about the Butter Pecan cake of a contest winner on Taste of Home, and the carrot cake listed on AllRecipes called Sam’s Famous Carrot cake. There are some recipes that are just so close to being what I am looking for that it doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel; however, most of my cakes come from another type of inspiration…

twitter avatar

MY CUSTOMERS!! My customers and their flavor profiles inspire me. When I am not working from my own personal creativity, they give me flavors they love and the occasion they are celebrating, and I begin planning how I could best represent those flavors for that specific occasion.

I love the challenge that comes with pairing flavors that I may not have paired before, or baking a cake that I have never baked before. I had an order for a Pineapple Upside Down Cake once, and my mom asked me, “Have you ever baked one of those before?” I said, “No, but my new answer to anyone’s traditional (non fondant) cake request is ‘Yes, I will bake it.'” I enjoy the challenge of finding just the right recipe, providing them with an awesome product, made from scratch, and adding another item to my menu.


Preserving & Celebrating Cooking History

Vintage cookbook 1951

Vintage cookbook 1951

It seems that after having Eli, I have grown more and more passionate about preserving history. I guess I didn’t really think about history as much when I was younger; however, I do think I probably valued it more than others my age. I have an idea, and I am so excited to get started with it.

As I have shared in previous posts, I really believe that families should write down all of their recipes. I think a mother should pass down a copy of her recipes to all of her children when they leave home and start their own family. A lot of how we feel about life comes from the foods we ate as children. So this is my idea…

I am going to type up every name in this vintage cookbook that I have and attempt to get a brief summary of who the person was. Who knows, maybe I can even find some pictures! I would love to be able to tell a story about these ladies through what I learn.

Another idea is to cook/bake through the cookbook. This will give me a lot of information for my upcoming official food blog. I am very excited to see it unfold and begin to tell a story about the food and the ladies that made it. Keep your eyes open for more to come.

Beautiful/Delicious Butter Pecan Cake

There are few recipes that I review and think, “This is perfect as it is written.” I have to say that this recipe came VERY close.

Cake Type: Butter Pecan – The cake itself is so beautiful and fragrant that it could almost be served without an icing.

butter pecanbare

Icing Type: Buttercream – The icing is where the correction had to be made. I omitted the whole can of evaporated milk (which would have made this icing unbearably sweet) altogether and added 2-3 tablespoons of milk to make my preferred thickness for the icing. The icing was delicious with the addition of the butter (I used salted butter to roast the pecans) roasted pecans; otherwise, I might have omitted them because they do make icing the cake a little difficult. They do add to the presentation of the cake. Other options could include: omitting the pecans from the icing and patting them on the sides once you achieved the finish you want,  you could leave them off of the sides and make a design on the top like my final top with pecan halves OR you could sprinkle the top generously with the chopped, butter roasted pecans.


Recipe Source: Taste of Home; Baker: Becky Miller; Notes: Contest Winning Recipe

Photos are owned by: Margie Fuller

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