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Twisted V-Day Underway

If you follow my blog, you know this Valentine’s Day was going to be a bit twisted for Margie’s Cottage Kitchen. I decided to focus on the people who typically hate for the holiday to come around. Here is a little of what I will be making this V-Day. The packaging isn’t like what is shown here. All of my packages will be white bakery boxes with silver ribbon. Some of these photos were taken at an earlier time. I’ll update the photos when I get the orders ready this year. Just sharing what is going on in Margie’s Cottage Kitchen.


Buttercream filled Chocolate Covered Cherries


NO KISSES…Minus the kisses on the box, I will be making chocolate dipped strawberries and offered a variety of other confections.


A Twist in February

So what is the twist in February? I’ve decided to do things differently this year. It doesn’t take long on any of the social media sites to see how many lonely people there are out there. Many of these people once had someone in their life, but because of some unforeseen circumstance that person is gone.

February is considered the month of “love,” and I can’t think of any love that is more neglected than the love for oneself. We give, give, and give more. Now, it’s time to express love for others and in many cases, there isn’t another to share with, so this year for the entire month of February, I am celebrating YOU ALONE with my baking and confections at Margie’s Cottage Kitchen. I am encouraging you to take a little time for yourself and celebrate YOU!

celebrating you

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