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Cut Open, Sleep Deprived, But Still Alive

Wow! THAT was a long vaca. I actually haven’t been on vacation. If you are a reader of my blog, you knew that I was expecting a baby. Well guess what, HE’S HERE!! And I am SO excited. I am 40 years old, and this is my first child. I had a boy, 10 lbs exactly. C-section (for all those mothers out there that screamed when they read the weight), 21.5 inches long, and BEAUTIFUL! Of course, I’m biased. I’ll post a picture, and you can be the judge.

I have recovered from my surgery, and I am back on track. Exciting news! I left my full-time job. Whoa….yeah. I have waited all these years for my little man. There’s no way I’m leaving him to only get to see him a couple of hours a day. I would sell my home and live in a lean-to if I had to (well maybe not a lean-to–DFCS wouldn’t like that I’m sure). We aren’t rich by a long shot. My husband works hard delivering milk (yes, the milk man is the father of my child), and God has extended such grace to us in the area of making ends meet. He’s shown me areas where we could cut back. I began putting my paycheck in savings starting January 2012 and trying to live off of one salary. It was difficult, but it was a great learning experience and helped us to build a little reserve/emergency account. You really learn what you can and can’t live without when you live on one salary. You also realize how much money you have been throwing away. I wish I had been doing this long ago. Oh well…no time for could’a.

Now is the time for “what can I do to save money,” and now it’s become a game almost. It’s fun! I have written out all of our bills. I’ve reviewed each one for areas I can cut. One of the BIGGEST areas of savings was my car insurance. I had NO idea my insurer wouldn’t notify me when lower cost policies were available. Some might ask, “why would they? They are making money on you.” To you I reply, “NOT ANYMORE!” I took my business elsewhere (cut my bill in half) and explained to them exactly why I did it. It’s not like they didn’t have opportunities to tell me when I was adding and removing cars from my policy. Oh yeah, and I went on a Facebook rampage and told everyone in my town to check their policy. Take that! 🙂

I am talking with a friend about starting a group of people who are interested in researching DIY items for the home that will save us all money. As I discover new things, I will be posting them here with instructions. I may even create a little “how to” video for you. If there is something you create in your home that you’d like to share, post it in the “Comments” section. I’ll try it out and post it on my blog with kudos to you.

Well, I better get going. Mommy-time is much more brief than it used to be. Until next time!! Happy days.


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