My Love

Things I love. Wow. That really could be a very long list of things. Instead of using this page for a LIST of things I love, I will instead make it a jumping off point to other pages that I love. I think that would best represent the things I love.

My passions are many, and they run deep. Once I begin enjoying something, it is seldom that I lose interest completely. I actually wish that I did for those things that don’t keep my attention regularly. I think it would make more room in my head for those things that I am most passionate about.

The things I am most passionate about are: (in no particular order)

1. My family

2. Baking

3. Singing

4. Photography

5. Painting

6. Gardening (this is a new one that is quickly taking up lots of time)

My family will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS be #1 on my list of things I love (well…after God. He always comes first.) I could sit and talk to my parents every day, even though we don’t. I love them so much! I’m glad we live closely.

After having my son, baking became a primary interest. Trust me, it was a “God thing” because I had never baked anything from scratch, and now my quality promise is that I will never bake anything unless it’s from scratch. It is one of the ways I can attempt to help out our home economy. Trust me, there isn’t a lot of money in baking. This year I probably won’t actually make a profit, but I consider what I have learned to be very valuable. Even though the money there will most likely be a loss over the course of a year, it was helpful to have money at the times that I sold something. God knows your need before you do. He has always been faithful to supply our needs. I am so grateful! To follow my baking, “Like” Margie’s Cottage Kitchen on FB.

I haven’t recorded a song in a while, but singing will probably ALWAYS be the closest to my first love on the hobby list. I should have done something with my gift, but I really never knew how to go about that, nor did anyone in my family. I sing Christian music almost exclusively. I would say it’s because that’s the only opportunity I had, but even in looking at secular music, I never was as passionate vocally as I was when singing about the goodness of God. To hear a few songs that I have recorded, you can go Listen on Noisetrade.

Photography comes in a fast second. I love being behind the lens of a camera when capturing candid shots. I think people are far more beautiful when they don’t realize someone is watching. Once they see a lens, they cheese all up and end up looking fake. You can see more of my photography at Shooting Things 4 Fun and Fuller Fotos on Smugmug.   black and white abstract

I wish I could just sit down and paint anytime I wanted to, but my creativity doesn’t work like that. I have everything I need to paint, and when the creativity strikes me, then I pull everything out, and I will begin painting. I paint abstracts. Most of the time, it’s within a couple of strokes that I know what I will be painting, and it just evolves from there.


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