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Preserving & Celebrating Cooking History

Vintage cookbook 1951

Vintage cookbook 1951

It seems that after having Eli, I have grown more and more passionate about preserving history. I guess I didn’t really think about history as much when I was younger; however, I do think I probably valued it more than others my age. I have an idea, and I am so excited to get started with it.

As I have shared in previous posts, I really believe that families should write down all of their recipes. I think a mother should pass down a copy of her recipes to all of her children when they leave home and start their own family. A lot of how we feel about life comes from the foods we ate as children. So this is my idea…

I am going to type up every name in this vintage cookbook that I have and attempt to get a brief summary of who the person was. Who knows, maybe I can even find some pictures! I would love to be able to tell a story about these ladies through what I learn.

Another idea is to cook/bake through the cookbook. This will give me a lot of information for my upcoming official food blog. I am very excited to see it unfold and begin to tell a story about the food and the ladies that made it. Keep your eyes open for more to come.


Time Spent with the Little Ones is Time Well-Spent

Photo: baby on a log

What a privilege we have as parents and grandparents! And what a responsibility! Can you think of a better way to spend two hours on a Sunday afternoon than following behind a 16-month old Farmer-in-Training?  I can’t, and there are a few thoughts I’d like to share with you, after the jump.

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What is your passion?

Have you ever been able to answer this question? For years, the answer eluded me. Then one day, I realized at least part of the answer. Education. I have been on both sides of the desk, and I truly love both sides. I was the student few people understand who looked forward to school (for the most part).

In high school, I think my passion was more social. I was the social butterfly. When I returned to finish my degree in college later in my life, passion found me. I loved learning. I was completely engaged when learning new things. The wonderful thing is that I was also engaged when teaching new things. Since each semester would yield a whole class of fresh minds, the passion could be renewed each semester. Yet, I couldn’t say that teaching was solely my passion.

But with this portion of the question answered, why did I feel like I had still not found my passion? We are multidimensional beings. I couldn’t answer the question with merely “education.” There was so much more to me than that. My love of writing, use of my creativity, love of technology, and communicating with people through all means possible (including social networks which I completely enjoy)–I found that this list (most likely still not complete) makes it difficult for me to express my passion in a simple phrase.

Perhaps I’ve known the answer all the time. You may have known the answer to your question of passion. Is it as complex as you are? If so, embrace it. Write it out in your terms. Keep rewriting it until you find a way to simplify the statement for others. I am going to work on simplifying my statement and amend this post at a later time with my statement of passion. I’d love for you to share you statement with us through the comments. I hope you will.

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