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Delaware, Bielefelder Chicken and Midget White Turkey Update from Alderman Farms


I was abducted by aliens…

…ok, so maybe not, but I really don’t have any other excuse for not posting other than I HAVE BEEN SOOOOO BUSY. Let me update you on all of the excitement.

If you follow my blog, you know that I was applying for my “cottage foods” license. I got it! I finished my food safety training, applied, and had my inspection. Now, I am a legal producer of cottage foods. It’s nice to be on the right side of the law. 🙂 If I can say I was abducted by something, it would be my kitchen. Since I got my license, I have been in my kitchen baking nearly every day. When I am not baking, I am researching all kinds of things about baking. This is just my personality. A friend of mine once said that it didn’t matter what I decided to do, that I would always become a professional at doing it. She’s right. I just educate myself and strive to provide high quality outcomes. When you make that your goal, then everything does seem to turn out to be “professional.” Although, I’m striving for more of a casual, country outcome (with professional results 😉 ).

I think my favorite part of what I do is research. I LOVE searching for recipes. It’s amazing how you can become educated to which recipes will likely work and not work. Sometimes, I can see a problem in a recipe. Other times, I don’t see it and the result shows there was a problem. Either way, I learn from the experience. Whether it’s too much flour or too many eggs, or perhaps not enough egg whites and too many egg yolks–all of that comes into question when deciding why it didn’t work out. Have you ever asked yourself, “what is a large egg?” When you buy eggs from the grocery store, that is pretty much defined for you; however, if you get your eggs from a farm, that definition may vary according to the breed of hen. It does matter.

Grandma's No Recipe Buttermilk Biscuits

Grandma’s No Recipe Buttermilk Biscuits

This week I will be testing some recipes. One recipe isn’t written down. Yeah, fun. It is my grandmother’s recipe for buttermilk biscuits. She says she’s been making them since she was 12 (she’s 85 now), so she doesn’t use a recipe. She just knows when it feels right. I have a pan of them getting ready to go into the oven. Actually, the first 9 felt too dry to me. I had room for 3 more biscuits, so I threw together the ingredients working solely from what I felt, and the last 3 felt “right.” How I know what “right” feels like, I have no idea. haha. I’ve never made a truly successful pan of biscuits before. There has always been something off about them. Well, we’re going to see how they work out. I’ll post about it when they are finished baking.

As you see from my photo, I was successful in baking nice, big biscuits. They even tasted good. These would be perfect for a breakfast sandwich because they are firmer, but yummy! Can’t wait til the morning. I’m gonna have a sausage biscuit.

What the sHell?!!

There is a moment in every baker or cooks mind when things are cruising along as perfect as could be. It feels like you’re “in the zone” as your stand mixer is busy creaming a whole pound of creamy butter and three cups of sugar, and then CRACK, plop…What was that? Well, it could perhaps be part of the egg you just cracked to mix into the nice sugar, buttery mixture, but how, I have both parts of the egg shell in my hand??? What the (beep)?

Yes, it was in that moment I could hear my mother in the fogginess of my head saying, “you egg shellsshould always crack your eggs open into a separate container first in case the shell breaks in with it.” Oh, sweet advice. Too bad it wasn’t in my mind before some fell in. So, I’m thinking…how much could have fell in? I have both pieces in my hand. I started checking it out, and within a couple of seconds, I was running water through that beautiful, white, creamy mixture–wasting it because of egg shells. This is what I found. How in the world could that much egg shell fall into a cake without you knowing it?

Well, I guess you know how I prepare my eggs now. Indeed…in a separate container to control for debacles like this. This was a good test of my trouble shooting skills because I had this order to be filled within a couple of hours of this problem. It worked out perfectly.I would rather not be that close ever again.


Eggceptional, Eggcellent, Eggemplary!!

I just had to write this post to honor my mother! She is THE QUEEN of deviled eggs! Actually, she’s the queen of a lot of things, but today, I’ll brag about the eggs that I just could have eaten ALL of! But I didn’t!

Shear eggstacy!!

Isn’t this deviled egg beautiful? She really went all out on presentation of these eggs, too. As I was thinking of how I wished I had more of the eggs to eat, I began to thing of how “egg” could alter all of the words that I would use to describe her eggs.

She is now an author on my blog, so maybe I can talk her into writing a blog post about what she does to make her eggs so good. I’m telling you they had the perfect spice. There wasn’t anything making them sweet or sour. You could really enjoy the egg! Nothing was overpowering the flavor. So, if you had eggs on your Thanksgiving holiday, I hate to tell you, the one’s I ate were better. 😉

What a beautiful dish of yumminess!

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