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What’s for Dinner on Turkey Day?

Knowing that tomorrow will be busy with fun and family, I decided to go ahead and make my Thanksgiving post TODAY! I think it is funny that the world adopted the turkey for Thanksgiving. It’s truly amazing how long that particular tradition has been around and is even celebrated across cultures. There are some of us though who have veered a little away from traditional on the menu. So, my question to you is, “What are you having for dinner?” 

My family is having grilled ribeye steaks, pea salad, fresh baked bread, deviled eggs, maybe a potato dish of some sort, chocolate delight, toll house pie, and good ole’ southern tea. I’m sure the day will still involve vegging on the couch watching Paula Deen make sinful recipes, and there must be that couple of hour span of time when all is heard through the house is the varying sounds of people snoring.

Regardless of what is on your table tomorrow, I am sure the sentiments will be the same. WE ARE THANKFUL! I know that I personally have so much to be thankful for, and this year, part of that thanks will include the addition to our table–my son, Eli. We will miss the presence of my brother, but I am sure he will be giving thanks with his new family. He will be thought of–maybe even reminisced about. I may even be able to get a funny jab in there that he would appreciate if he was here. We are very thankful that he has a wonderful woman in his life. We are grateful to her for showing him love and kindness–it is all we have wanted for him for a long time.

So from my family to yours, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving Day! May I remind you that on Friday, you may engage in some festive Black Friday shopping. Don’t let all that you celebrated on Thursday be forgotten on Friday. Be kind, generous, and thoughtful to others.


The beginning of it all…

Or, at least the beginning of this blog. For those of you who will follow me, this blog is being kept as a social environment for me to explore all of the many topics and subjects available out there–just for fun! Yep, just for fun. I’m not looking to make money with this blog. I’m interested in just having a good time learning, sharing, and being social.

If you need a place to relax, come on in. Kick back and post away. If you are interested in contributing (you know, you want to write an article here and there but don’t want to commit for a whole blog for yourself), then let’s talk. I’ll be happy to discuss the possibility with you. Great things happen when collaboration is involved.

So until my first “official” post, hope you’re having a great time out there and learning along the way!!

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