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Wives Tales: Part 2 The Verdict

21 Weeks Gestation

In a previous post, I shared with you that friends of mine performed a “wives tale” gender test on me. This is the test that includes a needle on a string, and if the needle moves in a circle, it’s a girl. If the needle moves back and forth, it’s a boy. Their test predicted I was having a girl, while a former Army Ranger instinctively predicted a boy (and had not been wrong in at least 6 years).

Well, I went this past Friday for what is call the “Anatomy Sonogram.” This is when the ultrasound tech will identify all the body parts and check blood flow, count fingers and toes, etc. Our child wasn’t being shy at all apparently because as soon as she received the first image, she shared that we were having a boy. I was glad there was no hiding or guessing. It was obvious and clear according to her trained eye (as mine had NO idea what she was looking at without the little arrow. Hopefully, he’ll outgrow the need for that  arrow.)

21 Weeks Gestation


Also, as a follow up to the Googling post about Hertz (more specifically Carl Hertz), I thought I would update the sonogram photos to show the progression in growth since the last photo which was at 13 weeks gestation. The top left photo shows the profile of our son. It’s clear to see the eyes, nose and mouth. I am so proud! đŸ™‚

Next to the right, we have a 3D image of our child with his right hand up by his face, his legs are pulled up in front of him and his left hand on the far side. In one version of this photo, it appears he may have been sucking his thumb, while this photo doesn’t show that as clearly. This is more than a mother merely showing excitement about an expectant child. The excitement that I feel is also about the advancement of science and technology that permits us to even see these images. How wonderful is that?! As a country, we do need to continue to focus on the areas of math, science and technology. Who knows what future images could produce.

Ultrasound conducted at Women’s Health Group of Brunswick, GA.


How ’bout a little trivia?


Here’s a little math trivia for you this morning. My brain feels a little foggy because of this foggy, rainy weather we are having in the southeast. I look for anything to help me stay alert and ready for my day.

Source: NY Times Learning Blog



According to the article, on average, women have 8 percent more Facebook friends than men and account for 62 percent of activity on Facebook. If x represents the number of friends the average male Facebook user has, which expression below describes the average number of friends per female user?

A. 1.08x

B. 0.08x

C. 1+.08x

D. 0.92x

E. 8x

After you have made your selection, you can click here for the answer.

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