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The Elephant in the room

Photo by Nick Brandt

Some interesting facts that I didn’t know about elephants are that they are the largest land animal in the world, female elephants stay in female only clans (mother, daughter, aunt, etc) while the male remains solitary, their tusks are actually their incisors and not all females have them, those that have avoided extinction are the Asian elephant (aka Indian elephant), the African forest elephant, and the African bush elephant, the gestation period for an elephant is 22 months, and if you want to buy someone an elephant as a gift, 🙂 then you need to buy it on the day of their birth because they live to be 50-70 years old (the oldest was 82).

For more details and beautiful pictures, go to the SOURCE of this post: Twisted Sifter -Photo by Nick Brandt


What do you consider a bird?

My husband ran across this picture today on Facebook. It was posted by Photojojo who got it from Twisted Sifter, and I’m sure that list goes on because this is an incredible photo. It is a multiple exposure photo taken of take-offs from the airport. The author of this work of art is Korean photographer Ho-Yeol Ryu.

I was drawn to this photo because it is time for The Great Backyard Bird Count February 17-20, 2012. My question is, jesting of course, what do you consider a bird? We’ve frequently referred to airplanes as birds, so if this was your backyard, how many birds could you count?

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